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Caring for Dementia

Bedford Hospital is committed to supporting people with dementia and their carers, to enable them to live well with dementia.

Dementia causes a loss of memory, mood changes and problems with communication and reasoning. It is a progressive disease which means the symptoms will gradually get worse.

There are currently about 750,000 people in the UK living with dementia.

One in four hospital beds in the UK is occupied by someone with dementia and over one third of those over 65 will die with the degenerative disease.

On each ward and in every department there are ‘dementia champions’ who have received additional training in dementia care. When visiting the hospital please ask the ward staff who the ‘dementia champion’ is in that area if you need additional advice or support.

Alzheimer’s Support Services

Weekly clinics are held on Wednesday afternoons from 2-5pm, the clinic is run by a support worker from the Alzheimer’s Society where patients and their carers can seek advice and support about services in the community. (These are also open to the public). To book an appointment please contact Elizabeth Ward.

Extended Visiting

People with dementia may find it difficult to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings and faces, therefore we try to offer the main carer the chance to have extended visiting. This enables them to assist in the care, should they wish to, or offer support to the person with dementia and give advice and guidance to staff. Please ask the ward staff/charge nurse for more information.


Useful Documents

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