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Human Resources

The human resources department’s core functions are to support staff and managers through change management, disciplinary, grievance and capability issues that arise in the workplace; and develop and deliver policies and strategies to support the Trust in achieving its own objectives and national human resource targets.

Other related projects and services include:

Payroll and pensions
For further information please contact the human resources department on 01234 355122 ext. 2290

Agenda for Change

Agenda for change is the new NHS pay, terms and conditions system which has been negotiated by the health department and the national joint staff side unions. It is, quite literally, the biggest shake up of the NHS pay system since the NHS was founded in 1948 and has led to new pay bands and harmonised terms and conditions for NHS workers. This means that people within the NHS doing similar jobs, or jobs of equal value, earn equivalent salaries no matter where they work.
Agenda for Change has also:
  • Introduced new job-evaluated pay structure covering all health service posts based on the principle of equal pay for work of equal value
  • Created of a common set of core conditions for all NHS employees, thus bringing to an end the complexity arising from separate terms for different bargaining groups
  • Merged of hundreds of separate scales and grades into three national pay spines – one for doctors and dentists, one for other workers covered by the independent pay review body process (such as nurses and midwives), and one for all other NHS employees including administrative, clerical and ancillary staff
  • Created a new, single, pay negotiating forum for all NHS workers not covered by the pay review bodies, replacing 11 separate bargaining groups

Agenda for Change also affects annual leave, working hours and a range of other work-related issues. It also applies to all staff directly employed by NHS organisations in the UK with the exception of doctors, dentists and the most senior managers at board level or equivalent.

Childcare and Carers

The Trust has a commitment to provide support to employees with caring responsibilities. The Trust offers a childcare voucher scheme as well as subsidised childcare places at an onsite day nursery and local playscheme. Local discounts are also available with childcare providers.

Chaplaincy Service

The chaplaincy team consists of chaplains and volunteer staff. The Trust has a Muslim prayer room and a chapel (where services are celebrated). The chapel is also available as a place of quiet for anyone to use, whatever their beliefs. Please contact Rev Eddie Turner on 01234 355122 ext. 5901.

Equality and Diversity

An organisation should be a place where all staff, whatever their differences feel valued and have a fair and equitable quality of working life.

By managing and improving equality of opportunity for staff, Bedford Hospital will benefit from the diversity of culture, skills and experience that can be brought collectively to the workplace.

NHS Equality Delivery System- have your say

Bedford Hospital has set up an Equality and Diversity Network to help meet these aims – click on

The Network
and find out more. For more information contact the equality and diversity manager on 01234 355122 ext. 5443 / 2815.

Improving Working Lives

Bedford Hospital was awarded the Improving Working Lives standard in 2009. The standard makes it very clear that every member of staff in the NHS is entitled to work in an organisation that can demonstrate commitment to more flexible, supportive and family-friendly working arrangements.

Bedford Hospital is committed to listening to the views of its staff and using that information to improve working practices.

Knowledge and Skills Framework

The Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) has been designed to offer a credible career ladder at all levels for those with the necessary ambition, ability and aptitude. It is an important branch of the Agenda for Change programme across the NHS.

Learning and Development

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust believes that appropriate training is crucial to the future development of the Trust and its services and is committed to the importance of training and development for all staff.

Focused and effective training can improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of the service. It is essential for the following reasons:

  • The delivery of high quality patient care;
  • Improved service delivery;
  • Prepare staff for changes in the services and for future roles;
  • To ensure staff are regularly updated on a range of mandatory issues.

The Trust will ensure that structured development and training is provided to all staff groups and will:

  • Provide mandatory, technological and legislative training necessary for the provision of services;
  • Provide professional development of staff;
  • Place importance on externally recognised competencies and qualifications in the development of staff;
  • Focus on management development to improve the capability of the Trust and to encourage positive and sensitive management styles.

Medical Staffing
The medical staffing team is responsible for the recruitment of both senior and junior medical staff. Please contact the medical workforce manager on 01234 355122 ext. 2115 for further infomation.

Occupational Health Department

The occupational health department at Bedford Hospital is situated in Britannia House. It is a clinical department, which provides a comprehensive occupational health service for its staff. An occupational physician and qualified nurses head the team, which also provides services to local business and industry. Please contact the team on 01234 792123 for further information.

Recruitment and Job Vacancies

The human resources department is responsible for the recruitment and retention of all staff groups, and for ensuring consistency in processes and procedures i.e. equal opportunity monitoring and CRB checks.

Staff Benefits

Benefits and support services are one way in which the Trust try to help its staff. We are constantly looking to develop new benefits and incentives that staff value and will use. All NHS staff can also take advantage of the NHS Discounts scheme.

Work Experience

Work experience placements across departments and areas are available throughout the year. It is advisable to book your place as early as possible as they are subject to availability. Please contact 01234 355122 ext. 5527 for further information.