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Estate Management


Estate Maintenance & Management

The estate maintenance and management department is responsible for the upkeep of hospital, equipment, buildings and systems, development of the estate, and provision of a range of professional building & engineering services, including:

  • Repairs and planned maintenance of building fabric, equipment and systems
  • New builds and refurbishment of existing buildings from conception, planning, design and construction to commissioning
  • Management of engineering infrastructure schemes and improvements
  • Statutory maintenance of buildings, plant and systems
  • Medical device management, including maintenance, procurement and training
  • Fire safety management of the built environment
  • Land and property management
  • Energy and Water supply contracts and energy efficiency
  • Green travel planning

The department is predominantly involved with the maintenance of existing facilities and development of new facilities for the Trust. In the background the department is involved in maintaining and improving vital services for the hospital such as the electricity, gas and water supplies, security systems, fire alarm systems, nurse call systems, and heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Underpinning all developments is the Trust’s Estate Strategy, a document that sets out a road-map for development of the estate.

Key Staff

Chris Todd, Associate Director of Estates

Rebecca Grindley, Senior Projects Officer

Kevin Stephenson, Senior Estate Manager

Brian Randall, Statutory Compliance & Specialist Services Estates Officer

Geoff Farrah, Maintenance Manager

Matt Pope, EBME manager

Contact Us

To contact the department please telephone 01234 355122