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Ultrasound Scanning

Ultrasound is commonly used in hospitals to diagnose many different conditions by using high frequency sound waves to build up a picture on a monitor similar to a computer screen. Ultrasound does not use radiation and there are currently no known side effects.

Bedford Hospital has seven ultrasound rooms, threeare situated in the Cygnet wing and are used for obstetric ultrasound.

If you need to have an ultrasound scan you will be sent an appointment letter with important instructions to follow before the scan. This will enable the sonographer/consultant to carry out your scan on the day.

Ultrasound is used routinely to monitor babies in pregnancy, images are produced like the one below. Also below is a picture of a patient having a scan of the neck.

Waiting times for ultrasound are currently six weeks, however, urgent requests are arranged more quickly.

patient having a neck US scan

ultrasound scan of unborn baby