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Children’s Services at Bedford Hospital

What we provide

A&E services

  • If parents dial 999 their child will be taken to A&E at Bedford Hospital
  • Walk-in A&E services for children with illness or injuries

Children (0-16 years old) will be assessed in the A&E department and then either:

  • Treated and discharged home;


  • Referred to the Riverbank Children’s Unit for ongoing assessment and care.

Children’s short stay assessment

Riverbank Children’s Unit is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides children’s short-stay assessment for GP referrals, referrals via the hospital’s A&E department and for children with complex or long term conditions (through open access services).

Children are assessed, treated on the unit and their discharge planned with their parents or guardians.

Open Access Services

Children with complex or long-term conditions can get their ongoing care and treatment at Bedford Hospital through our open access services.

Families with open access care arrangements can contact the Riverbank Children’s Unit to access care and advice from a paediatric doctor.

Day Unit Care

  • Same-day (planned day case) medical care
  • Elective (planned) day surgery
  • Follow-up support for children who have been treated at a neighbouring hospital. This increased assessment or day unit service means that children can be discharged earlier from neighbouring hospitals, receiving on-going care and support in Bedford
  • Nurse-led ambulatory care.

Outpatient services

  • Rapid access clinic, where children may be seen at relatively short notice by a senior paediatrician. Children will need to be referred by their GP
  • Full outpatient services
  • Specialist phlebotomy service (taking blood for testing).