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Lifestyle Hub

The Lifestyle Hub is a programme designed to help you choose from a range of referral programmes that are most likely to work for you. This is important as it means you are more likely to succeed and it will help keep you fitter.
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Our trained staff know about all the of the referral options that are available to you and can answer the questions you want to ask about each of the programmes i.e. what does it cost? What should I wear? What to expect?

The Lifestyle Hub is free to attend and you are under no obligation to attend initial or follow up appointments. We offer a unique approach where we can carry out our appointments with you during a short walk instead of in the office. There is no pressure to go for a walk but ensure you wear comfortable footwear if you do.

The Lifestyle Hub is run by Nutrition and Dietetics Department at Bedford Hospital on behalf of Bedford Borough Council.

Lifestyle Hub

What is the Lifestyle Hub?

It is a central point of contact for weight management and physical activity programmes. You can also get further information on the Stop Smoking, Reducing Alcohol and Carers Services. The Lifestyle Hub advisors can also offer front line healthy eating advice and ways to get you moving a little more. The Lifestyle Hub offers appointments at a choice of three different venues from Monday to Saturday.

Why should I attend?

The Lifestyle Hub offers programmes and guidance to prevent the onset of lifestyle preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes, CVD, stroke and some types of cancers. We know that eating well and moving more all contribute to reducing this risk. If you want to make changes for you and not because somebody else wants you to, then you could benefit from the Lifestyle Hub. It is here to support making healthier lifestyle choices.

What should I expect?

You will have an informal 30 minute chat with a Lifestyle Advisor about some of the changes you could make to your diet and activity levels. You can discuss the range of referral programmes that are available to you and if you have any questions about costs and what to wear, then your Lifestyle Advisor can answer these. Our Lifestyle Advisor will not tell you what to do; instead they will work with your suggestions and you can both come up with a plan. The Lifestyle Hub also offers unique walk and talk appointments – so if you fancy going for a walk instead of staying in the office, just ask the advisor – we recommend that you wear comfortable shoes for this.

How do I get a Lifestyle Hub appointment?

Once referred by your GP or Practice Nurse, you will be given a patient leaflet with a little more information about the Lifestyle Hub and our contact details. We will call you to book you in for your first appointment but please feel free to help us out and give us a call first.

What happens after?

Your first appointment is agreeing upon which programme you wish to be referred to; next you choose to see your Lifestyle Advisor over a period of a few months for support and motivation – we call these ‘follow up or review’ appointments. These are also informal 30 minute chats – you can choose to enrol in another programme or maybe think of another area of your lifestyle you would like to improve upon. It’s up to you how you use these appointments.

How do I get a Lifestyle Hub appointment?

Generally, everybody can benefit from healthy lifestyle advice but check with your registered GP or Practice Nurse first if you have any questions. You can also self refer using the Lifestyle Hub Self Access Referral Form and then email it to lifestylehub@bedfordhospital.nhs.uk. You will then get a phone call to book you in for your first appointment. Please note that we do need your Referral Form before any appointments can be booked.


For More Information

Please contact the Lifestyle Hub coordinator on 01234 355122 Ext. 5741, on 07796641673 or via email at lifestylehub@bedfordhospital.nhs.uk.

Lifestyle Hub

Full postal address is:
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Lifestyle Hub
Nutrition and Dietetics
Beeden House
Bedford Hospital
Kempston Road
MK42 9DJ

Contact Details
Telephone: 07796641673 or 01234 355122 ext.5741
Text: 07796641673