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Foundation Trainees

Foundation training at Bedford Hospital can be part of a full two year programme (Foundation Year 1 and Foundation Year 2) and we offer rotations at the end of year between Addenbrooke’s and Bedford Hospital, offering an educational balance between experience of a regional hospital and a district general hospital.

Rotations at Bedford Hospital include community posts in psychiatry, general practice, paediatrics and palliative care. One rotation also includes Papworth Hospital, which is the local cardiothoracic centre.

We offer 26 foundation year one (F1) year posts, each with three four-month placements in specialties including acute medicine and stroke, or specialized medicine including cardiology, gastroenterology, respiratory, endocrinology and care of the elderly (generic medicine), as well as in surgical specialties including breast, colorectal, vascular and urology (generic surgery).

We offer 26 foundation year two posts covering the above specialties together with orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology, inpatient and community paediatrics, ENT, ICU, and psychiatry. There is also a single post in palliative medicine at a local hospice. We offer three posts in general practice.

Teaching opportunities

A weekly lunch-time teaching workshop is held in the Learning and Education Centre for all trainees. In addition to this, weekly physician meetings take. Most departments also organise their own education and training sessions.

There is a clinical skills lab for all trainees to help them to acquire core skills, BLS and ALS (F1).


The foundation programme faculty is led by the training programme director, Dr Penny McNamara and meet bi-monthly to discuss training and trainee issues.