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Shuttleworth Ward

About Shuttleworth Ward

Ward Manager Lisa Carey
Matron Paul Raynor
Telephone 730446 (ext 2251)
792273 (ext 2273)
792250 (ext 2250)

Shuttleworth Ward is situated on the fifth floor of the main ward block at Bedford Hospital South Wing. Shuttleworth Ward cares for patients having major surgery, colorectal and gastrointestinal surgery. We also care for patients who have gastro intestinal problems and need medical management and patients who have had minor surgery or have other abdominal conditions.

When you arrive on the ward, staff will introduce themselves and orientate you to the ward. The nursing staff will also go through any necessary documentation and keep you informed about treatments and investigations.

Visiting Times

Visiting times on the ward are 2pm to5.30pm and 6.15pm to 8.15pm. Visiting is not permitted between 5.15pm and 6.30pm unlessby prior arrangement and agreement with ward staff.This is to ensure patients have uninterrupted timein which to eat their evening meal. All visiting outside designated visiting hours must be agreed with the nurse in charge.

Where to find us

The Shuttleworth Ward/Surgical Assessment unit (SAU) can be found on the fifth floor of the ward block and is serviced by the Main Reception located on Kempston Road.

Please see it on the map below with the reference number 21.

Bedford Hospital Map

Privacy and Dignity

For more information about how the hospital is working to eliminate mixed-sex sleeping, toilet and washing facilities, please visit the privacy and dignity pages of the website.

Ward Name

Shuttleworth Ward

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