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For our GPs

Important Notice for GPs

Please make sure that you transmit Faxes only to the Safe Haven fax machines within the Trust for the purposes of protecting sensitive and confidential information.

Tel: 01234 792 133 is for referrals, appointments and patient-related transmissions
Tel: 01234 340 122 is for all other transmissions, including non-patient transmissions.

Please do not transmit documents to any other fax machine in the Trust, even if requested to do so, as only Safe Haven Machines are permitted to receive sensitive documents from external senders.

Contact Information

Contact details for all the departments in the Trust, including external telephone numbers and internal extension, is available from the following link: Oct16_Directory of consultants and wards

GP Matters

GP Matters is our quarterly newsletter to GPs across Bedfordshire. It is distributed by Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG) via the GP Gateway. If you don’t receive a copy and would like to, or have any ideas for content, please email communications@bedfordhospital.nhs.uk

The latest newsletter can be downloaded here: GP Matters_Winter 2017_18

If you would like to request copies of previous newsletters, please contact the Communications team via the details above.