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CQC inspection recognises improvements at Bedford Hospital

December 4, 2018

The CQC has released its final report and ratings today, from its recent inspection of Bedford Hospital’s 5 core services, use of resources and an assessment of the Trust’s leadership.

The report shows significant improvements in a number of areas and that overall the Trust’s core services remains rated as ‘Requires Improvement’ but also highlights the Trust’s senior leadership (Board level) was rated a ‘Good’ while the rating for Use of Resources was ‘Requires Improvement’.

This report also highlights a number of improvements made since the 2015 inspection and with 80% of services rated ‘Good’, means that Bedford Hospital is in the upper levels of ‘Requires Improvement’ and maintains the determination to achieve an overall ‘Good’ rating before the next inspection.

The outcome of the inspection positions Bedford Hospital with the majority of acute trusts, and we are pleased that the CQC highlighted significant improvements within leadership and good patient outcomes within our Children and Young People services.

Our Maternity services improved but remained as ‘Requires Improvement’ overall; however the department was recognised for ‘Outstanding’ practice for their pilot with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) to reduce the number of perineal tears in childbirth.

Unfortunately, the Trust received a drop in rating to ‘Requires Improvement’ for our Urgent and Emergency Services that have been operating under extreme pressure since the winter of 2017/18. The CQC provided evidence that demonstrated some practices within urgent care were ineffective and at times not well led.  Since the CQC visit, the Trust has developed a comprehensive service improvement plan. We have already opened the Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) that has taken some pressure off the department, improved the mental health assessment room and we are currently expanding the department to include 5 additional majors bays. Investment in a new IT system and expanding the children’s unit within A&E are also planned.

As with the full report, a robust Quality Improvement Plan will be implemented to address all concerns raised.

Stephen Conroy, Chief Executive of Bedford Hospital NHS Trust welcomed the report saying, We will use this report to help us make further improvements wherever they are needed, including learning from those services within the Trust that have improved their ratings.”

Stephen added, “The inspectors highlighted the kind and caring nature of our staff who are treating patients with compassion in a hospital that is clean and well maintained. We are very proud of the support and dedication of our staff across the whole hospital; and this report confirms the excellent work that we do every day.

The CQC assessment of urgent care services was disappointing for us to hear, but we have already implemented planned improvements, such as opening the new UTC which is a great improvement for patients requiring our urgent care services.   It is important going forward that we collectively focus on the actions required to improve services in a sustainable way for our patients.”

Liz Lees, Director of Nursing and Patient Services said:

“We have made significant improvements in quality since the last CQC inspection in 2015. We continue to take action to address the remaining areas highlighted by the CQC to ensure learning and developing is seen as integral to delivering an excellent patient experience.”

Liz continued, “Together as a Trust, we will work with our patients and partners to further develop a Quality Improvement Plan so that we continue to deliver better services to our patients.


Notes to Editors:

The Report

You can view the full report by clicking here: http://www.cqc.org.uk/provider/RC1

CQC rating system explained:

The CQC give four ratings to health and social care services which are: Inadequate, Requires Improvement, Good and Outstanding. There are five key areas / domains that are rated which include:

  • Caring
  • Responsive
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Well led

Within the standard 40 areas rated in table/matrix format if any row or column contains at least two Requires Improvements(RI) then this will result in a RI overall.

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust received 32 Green (Good) and 8 Amber (RI) resulting in an overall Amber (RI) rating.

In terms of the CQC’s five domains, our core services were rated as ‘good’ for being caring and responsive, which is an improvement from the last inspection (2015), and rated as ‘requires improvement’ for being safe, effective and well-led.

The CQC rated three of our key core services as ‘Good’ which were Surgery, Children and Young People and Outpatients. In addition, Medical Care, Critical Care and End of Life Care were not included within this round of inspections and therefore maintain their ‘Good’ ratings.

A number of improvements were noted for our services for Children and Young People which had their rating moved from a ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’ since the last inspection. Two services Urgent Care and Maternity are rated as requiring some improvement.