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Help shape the future of Bedford Hospital by becoming a member

December 20, 2017

As plans progress to merge Bedford Hospital with the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital (L&D), we are looking to expand the Foundation Trust membership to include people from across Bedfordshire and surrounding counties. We want to ensure membership represents the populations both hospitals serve.

Therefore we are encouraging all residents in the Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire Council area, together with adjacent villages and parishes, to sign up to become a member and have a say in how the local hospital is run. It is free, quick and easy to join up as a member and there are a number of associated benefits.

As the L&D is already a Foundation Trust and Bedford Hospital isn’t , initially people will  sign up to the L&D Foundation Trust membership. However on the day that the hospitals merge, membership will be automatically transferred across to the new integrated Trust.

Gordon Johns, Chair of Bedford Hospital said, “Bedford Hospital has been providing excellent healthcare services to people living in and around Bedford for over 200 years. We are extremely proud of our history and heritage, but we are also keen to embrace changes we know will benefit patients, staff and the wider community.”

Mr Johns added, “The proposed merger with the L&D is part of our commitment to improving healthcare services and standards for local people. Becoming a member is a fantastic way of supporting Bedford Hospital and having the opportunity to shape and influence the hospital’s future.”

Anyone living in Bedfordshire can become a member; it is free and you are not obliged to go to meetings or do anything to remain a member. Members of the Foundation Trust elect a Board of Governors (made up from the membership group) and those Governors form a council with direct access to and influence on the hospital’s Trust Board.

For online versions- To find out more about Foundation Trust Membership or to apply to become a member, please click here, or there are Membership leaflets located around Bedford Hospital for you to complete and return. If you have any queries please feel free to email merger@ldh.nhs.uk.